Where Can One Find the Camera On LG Smart TV?

We can only know how to turn the camera off if we know where it is.

The way these manufacturers produce these television sets with hidden cameras makes them challenging to find. Some of the methods to locating the camera are

If the TV has a skype or another video call feature:

this will help to locate the camera. Start a video conference with another device in the house, and it could be a tablet or a phone.Where Can One Find the Camera On LG Smart TV

Using a covering material, move it slowly around the TV screen while looking at the second device. If there is a time where the video stream relay becomes dark, that will be the spot to locate the camera.

If the TV has gesture control:

A second person is needed to help with the location. First, the motion control in the settings is enabled, and the second person is within the range of the camera’s recognition.

This person starts performing gestures like swipe, zoom, continuously which should bring about some action on the TV screen because now where the motion stops is where the camera is.

The first person should keep moving the covering material around the TV screen. Where the gesture/motion stops working is where the camera is.


Some manufacturers build TV cameras with infrared LEDs whose main aim is to see at night without disturbing the user.

Though invisible to the eyes, looking at the tv through the camera of a smartphone, one can see the infrared light. Check the TV cover in total darkness if there is no infrared emitting diode that is hidden. The person can find the TV camera next to the LED.

How Can One Tell If LG TV Has a Hidden Camera?

Noting that the camera location on the TV depends on the manufacturers, the only way to locate these cameras will be at the upper edge of the TV;

usually, a small circle for the lens denotes a hidden camera. If the unit has thin bezels, the camera will be found here and come out when needed.

Most LG smart TV does not have built-in cameras, but if they do, they are retractable. Just in case no one wants to be recorded or feel recorded, they can retract them.

One can also try locating them and covering them with material that doesn’t show light. Looking closely at any unit on the TV can let you see a lens or an opening, allowing the owner to view the camera space of the TV.

How Can One Turn the Camera on Their LG TV Off?

Hackers can use the camera and microphone on the smart TV to trick their victims. It could also send private details to third-party organizations or selling them to advertisers.

Some smart TV manufactures have shown their involvement with privacy scandals. While no one should feel unsafe with the use of their TV, it isn’t easy knowing that someone might be watching.

While all smart TV has a form of tracking installed, most of the way they carry out this tracking is through the microphone and camera, and the only way to stop the monitoring is by turning off the camera.

To turn off this function, you will need to; go to setting, look for privacy menu, look for advertising and click limit ad tracking or anything similar, go to microphone and camera accessibility and turn it off.

Uninstalling off smart tv camera?

It can be easy to uninstall, but while that is tempting, it could cause some problems in the future, such as nullifying the manufacturer’s warranty or taking out something that might be essential for the TV to function.

Turning off the camera is the best way to be on the safe side and avoid buying a third-party application.

Which LG TV Has a Built-in Camera?

Not all LG TVs have built-in cameras. Those that have in-built cameras are the most recent ones like LG 55LA8600 has a 3D camera used for taking pictures and video calls, and they often see it as a cinema TV.

LG 65LA9700 is an LED TV with a flip-up camera at the top of the cabinet, and they can use it for skyping and motion-activated commands.

LG 60LA8600 is also a 60″ cinema 3D TV that comes with 3D glasses, and people can use the glasses to view movies and pictures. The cameras are built-in and are retractable.

LG 47LS5700 is a 47″ LED TV with a built-in camera, and people can use the camera for pictures, videos, and skyping, but it is not a 3D TV.

Others are LG 55LA9600, LG 47LM8600.

How Do I Use the Camera on My LG Smart TV?

Some LG smart TVs include built-in cameras. To use this camera, push the camera on the top of the TV forward. Select the My camera app under my apps;

in still mode, use the magic remote-control button to select the shoot button in the middle of the screen to take a photo. To make a video, switch to video mode and press record.

Selecting the button to the right side of the screen takes the viewer to the photos and videos made, which they can see in smart share.

Deleting any photo or video is also easy. Select the linked device menu from smart share, select the camera memory off the internal storage, select delete at the bottom of the screen, select the photos and video to be deleted, and click the delete button.

Some TVs do not come with built-in cameras, so buying and installing an LG TV camera will be good. To install, centre the camera onto the TV, bend the stand to secure it to the back of the TV and connect USB to the USB space on the TV.


LG is one of the manufacturers of a lot of items, including smart TV. Though the TV can record the owner without their consent,

it is advisable to locate the camera and turn it off because while uninstalling might seem like the best option, tampering with it can cause more harm than good.

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