What 3D Gasses Work With Samsung Smart TV

Watching your movie via a projector in a cinema gives a great feeling. But nothing beats the excitement that comes with using 3D glasses to watch your movie.

With high-quality sound, you’ll be well integrated into the film. It’ll seem as though you were in the world of the movie.

You’ll feel the adrenaline rush more intensely than when you watch without 3D glasses. 3D glasses enhance our experience with whatever we watch.

Thanks to technological advancement, you can get yourself a pair of 3D glasses to enhance your movie and gaming experience at home.What 3D Gasses Work With Samsung Smart TV

But before you opt for any 3D glasses, you have to be sure that it’s the right pair for your Smart TV, primarily if you use a Samsung Smart TV.

If compatibility is an issue, you’d most likely run at a loss as the glasses would be useless. Here, we answer some of your questions about 3D glasses and how to coordinate their relationship with your Samsung Smart TV. Let’s dive in already.


Before we start to talk about whether or not 3D glasses are compatible with Samsung Smart TV, the first vital conversation should be centered on whether or not 3D glasses work ON Smart TV at all. Were 3D glasses initially carved to be compatible with smart TVs, or is there a particular TV-type that it was created for?

Trust me; if these questions have constantly been doing a spin in your head, you’re not alone. For starters, 3D glasses work on Smart TV. But it depends on the type of 3D glasses and whether or not your Smart TV has 3D capabilities. There are a few types of 3D glasses.

Some types of 3D glasses include the Anaglyph 3D Glasses that are compatible with any TV, the Polarized 3D glasses or passive glasses that work with your TV as long as it has some of the capabilities that make it compatible with 3D passive glasses,

and the Shutter 3D glasses or active glasses that deliver excellent picture but is only compatible with your TV if it is equipped with active 3D capabilities.

So, before you get an active or passive 3D glass, check to see if your Smart TV has active or passive 3D capabilities before investing in it.

Is my Samsung TV 3D capable?

This question is a trick because there are a lot of Samsung TVs on the market and the Samsung TVs are not all the same. They all come in different capacities, sizes, and models.

Samsung created each model to either solve a particular problem, serve as an upgrade from the existing Samsung TV model or serve as a low-end TV category. Regardless of the reason, every Samsung TV differs.

Hence, before you can determine whether or not your Samsung TV is 3D capable, you have to check the model and its capabilities. Here’s why; not all Samsung TV model is 3D capable.

Hence, you have to check the model of your Samsung TV to determine that it is 3D capable. If it is 3D capable, then you can watch your movies with 3D glasses.

However, you need to know if your 3D glasses are active or passive. Visiting the User’s manual is a great way to confirm if your Samsung TV is 3D capable or not.

How do I know if my Samsung Smart TV is 3D capable?

The easiest way to know if your Samsung Smart TV is 3D capable is to check its capabilities. Checking your Samsung TV’s capability is not difficult at all.

You’ll need the remote to check it. You might get this description on the manual, but it’s a bit uncertain. Hence, it’s best to check the TV settings directly for confirmation.

What you’re going to check is whether or not your Smart TV recognizes the 3D signal. Using the remote, get to home on your TV, then navigate to the settings. Select “TV”, then “Picture & Display”. If your TV receives 3D signals, you’ll see a section for “3D settings”.

If your TV isn’t 3D capable, there probably won’t be a section for 3D settings on it. If your TV receives the 3D signal, proceed to turn on the 3D display. You’ll be able to use your 3D glasses as long as the movie you’re watching has a 3D format and your TV supports the 3D glasses you have.

How do I connect my 3D glasses to my Samsung TV?

Start by changing the mode on the TV to 3D mode. Ensure the 3D glasses you have are compatible with your Samsung Smart TV.

If you’re sure it is compatible with your TV, turn long-press the power button on the 3D glasses for 2-3 secs to turn it on. With the 3D glasses within the 19.5-inch range, the 3D glasses would automatically start to connect to the TV by themselves.

You’ll have to wait patiently for your TV to connect to your 3D glasses successfully. Once the connection has been completed, a message would pop up on your screen to notify you of the successful pairing.

If you do not get the notification after waiting for too long or it doesn’t successfully pair, turn off both the TV and the glasses. Then, power them on and try again.

Will LG 3D glasses work with Samsung TVs?

It depends on the TV model and the kind of 3D glasses. If the 3D glasses are compatible with the Samsung TV, it will work flawlessly with it. If not, the pairing won’t work.

To ensure that an LG glass works with a Samsung TV, you have to ensure that if the glass is a passive glass, the TV has to support passive glasses.


Now that you know all you should know about your Samsung TV and the 3D glasses that might be right for them, you can shop for 3D glasses wisely.

But first, ensure that your Smart TV has the 3D model. That’s the only way you’ll have a shot at enhancing your movie and gaming experience with 3D glasses.


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